18世纪50年代霍乱时期,John Snow绘制的一张霍乱疫情的位置图,






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01-Redefining the Dome by National Geographic


02-Social Barometers by Alberto Lucas Lopez全球最高建筑的对比

03-Evolution of Batman by Calm the Ham蝙蝠侠进化史

04-How to Win an Oscar by Christian Tate如何获得小金人

05-Cover Mania by Michele Mauri1958至2010年间最具影响力的音乐专辑统计

06-Creative Routines by Info We Trust列举了大师们一天的时间安排

07-Anatomy of Bowie’s Lyrics by Playboy大卫·鲍伊(David Bowie)写歌的词频分析

08-Rockets of the World by Peter Always全球火箭大全

09-A World of Languages by Alberto Lucas López全球语言统计

10-Size Comparison Science Fiction Spaceships by Dirk Loechel科幻小说中宇宙飞船的比较

11-Family Tree of DOGS狗谱

12-How Big Are Game of Thrones Dragons by The Daily Dot权利的游戏中的龙有多大?

13-Relative Scale of the Solar System Planets by Avi Solomon太阳系行星的相对尺度

14-World’s Greatest Storytellers by Raconteur世界上最会讲故事的人

15-Ten Artists, Ten Years by Arthur Buxton十位艺术大师十年的色彩

16-Cocktails by Pop Chart Lab图解鸡尾酒

17-The better life snowflake by Paula Filippone

18-Searching for Peace in Old Age by Hyperakt, Ekene Ijeoma

19-Country Codes by Billy Harkcom国家代码

20-Measure Up Your Food by Phai Dip计量你的食物

21-Colour Wheel Calendar 2013 by Ghin Liew2013彩轮日历

22-Control of Birth Control by GOOD/Column Five、节育控制

23-Cigarette Taxes in Photos by Turbo Tax香烟税

24-Growth Rings by Alyssa Yeager年轮

25-Design x Food by Ryan MacEachern设计某种食物

26-Game of Thrones Decoded: Connecting the Dots from Season 3 by Time权力的游戏解析:自第三季的连接点

27-Rain Drops – 25 years precipitation in Eindhoven by Studio Terp近25年埃因霍温的降水

28-Beards by The Washington Post胡须

29-Fifty Years of Exploration by National Geographic50年来的探索

30- 50 Years of Crime by Shine Pulikathara50年来的犯罪

31-Paris Line Poster by Cayla Ferari & John Breznicky巴黎地铁线路

32-Chain-shaped Cities by Erik Wiegers城市链条

33-Nobels, No Degrees by Accurat诺贝尔奖,没有学位的

34-To See And Hear by Owen Herterich看到和听到

35-Color and Space by Jotun色彩和空间

36-Billionaires by Kim Albrecht亿万富翁

37-Digital City Portrait – London by Brendan Dawes城市的数字肖像

38-Visualizing Conflicts by Lisa Sigebran可视化的冲突

39- Weather Radials by Timm Kekeritz

40-Food and Wine Pairings by Hazel Maria Bala食物和葡萄酒的搭配

41-Good Day Sunshine Calendar by Studio Una阳光灿烂的好日子日历

42-Colossal NYC by Yoni Alter大纽约

43-H-AND-S. Hand Signs by Jean-Benoit Levy, Diana Stoenh-and-s.手势

44-Movie Loogotypes by Alexey Larchenkov

45-Lifelines by Oliver Uberti生命线

46-In Caffeine We Trust by Column Five

47-Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names by Pop Chart Labs说唱名字的大分类

48- 99 Bottles of Craft Beer on the Wall by Pop Chart Labs墙上的99瓶工艺啤酒

49-The Racial Dot Map by Dustin Cable种族分布点地图

50-CAD Drinks by Shaan Hurley用CAD绘制的饮料剖面


51-The Almighty Dollar by GOOD万能的美元

52-What Matters Most to People Around the World by Movehub对人来说世界上最重要的是什么

53-History of Life by Juan David Martinez生活史

54-Global Carbon Footprint, by Nation by Miller Mc-Cune全球的碳足迹

55-The Sound of Color by Kelly-Moore Paints色彩之声

56-Weapons and Mass Shootings by The Washington Post武器和大规模枪击案

57-The Compendious Coffee Chart by Pop Chart Labs简要的咖啡图

58-Internet Piracy by Bryce Praught互联网盗版

59-Olympic Evolution by Alicia Korn奥运会的演变

60- 50 Years of ‘Avengers’ Comic Book Covers Through Color by The Wall Street Journal50年来“复仇者”的漫画书封面的颜色

61-The Graphic Continuum by Jonathan Schwabish图形的连续性

62-The Anatomy of Ice Cream by Anthology Magazine冰激凌的解剖

63-How to Think Visually by Anna Vital

64-The Geologic Time Spiral by USGS地址时间螺旋

65-Birds of a Feather by Cindy Tsui

66-Seven Summits by Audree Lapierre7座高峰

67-Universo de Emociones by Palaugea

68-The Depth of the Problem by The Washington Post

69-The Sum of Parts by SCMP Graphic

70-Life in Data by Ben Willers生活中的数据

71-Tide Predictions by Joan Ang潮汐预报

72-Old World Language Families by Hive Mill西方语言之树

73-Front Page Fingerprint by Derek Chan纽约时报2011年头版的色彩分布

74-Gear Timeline by Chen-Wen Liang

75-What a Hundred Million Calls to 311 Reveal About New York by Wired

76-OrgOrgChart by Justin Matejka & George Fitzmaurice大公司组织结构图

77-Optical Illusions by Supersavers Opticians光学错觉

78-UFO Sightings by John Nelson, IDV SolutionsUFO目击事件

79-Popification of the Top 40 by Gavin Potenza

80-How Common Is Your Birthday by Matt Stiles生日概率统计

81-Tornado Tracks by IDV Solutions龙卷风轨迹

82-Invisible Residents by The New York Times隐居者

83-Information graphics in Context by Peter Ørntoft信息图形可视化

84-Flight Videos Deconstructed by Eleanor Lutz不同动物在飞行时翅膀的飞行轨迹

85-The History of Science Fiction by Ward Shelley科幻小说史

Scaled in Miles by Fathom

86-Tree of Life Leonard Eisenberg生命之树

87-The Art of Performance by Accept and Proceed表演艺术

88-Oceania europe americas africa asia by Gustavo Sousa 大洋洲 欧洲 美洲 非洲 亚洲


Map of Truth and Deception by Ben Gibson 真理与欺骗地图


German Unification by Zeit Online德国统一

91-Lunar Calendar by Dimitre Lima农历


2012 Annual Report by Nicholas Felton年度报告


94-The Rise of Partisanship in the U.S. House of Representatives by Mauro Martino, Clio Andris


95-How Corrupt is Your Country by Sophie Everett


96-Dead Man Walking by GOOD Magazine

97-Subway Science by Crispian Jago


98- Evolution of Storage by Curtiss Spontelli


99-Vacation Daze by GOOD Magazine


100-Shark Attack by Ripetungi