Certainly having Miscavige he talks about intercourse in a terrible manner tend to

Certainly having Miscavige he talks about intercourse in a terrible manner tend to

Anything I’ve had experience in. My personal favorite technique for ensuring my communications might have been received is actually giving by FedEx signature called for. Sure, anybody in the office cues because of it, but it’s more likely to score attract than just current email address and you can different versions.

Taunting someone. Making fun of them etcetera an such like. Zero information regarding Hubbard apart from what is actually safeguarded in the Barefaced Messiah or any other urban centers.

My personal bet – Miscavige is impotent and can’t obtain it up. He hates college students, hates sex, dislikes anyone – exactly what did LRH say regarding the somebody that way?

Reckon there are two main anybody who had see – Shelly and you will TC. Not surprising that Shelly could have been vanished and you can Miscavige enjoys TC’s files.

Novice, Lazy Morgue, and i also Yawn: my personal idols, stating what way too many features consider, but didn’t have the new bravery.

A number of the indications into the DHS’s own website is copied verbatim and are also as follows (using my statements from inside the parentheses, predicated on my very limited “never-in” understanding):

A) Do the individual arrive fragmented out of household members, members of the family, people organizations, or home out-of worship? (of course, and DHS actually spends the phrase “disconnected”)

B) Enjoys children stopped browsing university? (whilst the Ranch has now been shuttered, there are many almost every other “schools” you may want to here are some to ensure that they’re upwards toward academic conditions you would expect regarding every college students)

But have zero experience with physical intimate punishment on his account

C) Has got the people had an abrupt or dramatic change in conclusion? (I might envision this is the scenario for many the the newest Ocean Org representative)

D) ‘s the person confused or puzzled, otherwise appearing signs and symptoms of rational or real punishment? (you have a lot of personal testimony about your both mental and physical abuses of a single David Miscavige in particular)

E) Is the individual scared, shy, otherwise submissive? (of course, here is what possess really them, Ocean Org user or public Scientologist, “lined up”, because of the anxiety about disconnection being submissive by heading as well as the church’s desires/commands to hold their loved ones undamaged)

Inside my study of relative cults, assuming just one leader gets anywhere near this much electricity, eg LRH and you may Miscaivage, there’s for ages been some type of intimate immorality/abuse perpetrated from the chief

F) Does anyone reveal signs of being declined food, liquid, sleep, otherwise health care? (wade listed below are some people that are already lifestyle, or even be more perfect, “imprisoned” regarding Opening toward Int Base or on the RPF)

G) ‘s the individual have a tendency to together with people to just who they defers? Or someone who appears to be accountable for the difficulty, elizabeth.grams., where they go or whom they keep in touch with? (glance at the spouse regarding the therefore-entitled church’s individual “Ecclesiastical Commander” at this lady history societal physical appearance from the her father’s funeral in the 2007)

I) ‘s the people living in unsuitable criteria? (perchance you will be use the regional/state department of personal wellness to your Opening to-do an enthusiastic inspection and just have back again to me)

J) Do anyone lack private property and appearance to not have a reliable living state? (google “Bohemian Rhapsody musical chairs” and tell me if this seems that all of these individual’s traditions activities was considered “stable”)

K) Does anyone provides liberty of motion? Can also be the individual freely log off where they live? Are there unrealistic security measures? (again, you really need to take a look at Hole at Int Foot to obtain approaches to such inquiries…..that is, once they will also let you for the because of the “unrealistic security measures” in the Int Ft)